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Our Services

Schmidt Logistics LLC offers an array of comprehensive services tailored to optimize logistics solutions. From meticulous route planning and warehousing to expert paperwork handling and strategic rate negotiation, our offerings ensure seamless end-to-end operations. We excel in optimizing delivery routes, utilizing cutting-edge technology for efficiency. Our secure, customizable warehousing accommodates diverse needs. Expertise in paperwork management streamlines regulatory compliance. Skilled negotiators secure competitive rates. With a client-centric approach, we prioritize precision, innovation, and reliability. Schmidt Logistics LLC delivers tailored, efficient logistics solutions, empowering businesses with cost-effective, reliable, and streamlined services for their diverse transportation and storage needs


Route Planning

At Schmidt Logistics LLC, our expertise lies in meticulous route planning, leveraging cutting-edge technology to optimize delivery routes for maximum efficiency. Through customized solutions tailored to each client's needs, we ensure timely deliveries while minimizing costs and fuel consumption


At Schmidt Logistics LLC, our comprehensive warehousing services provide secure and tailored storage solutions for diverse needs. With state-of-the-art facilities and meticulous inventory management systems, we ensure the safety and accessibility of stored goods. Our customizable warehousing options accommodate various industries and scale seamlessly, offering flexible storage space and efficient logistics handling.

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We Do All Paperwork

At Schmidt Logistics LLC specializes in comprehensive paperwork services, managing all documentation with precision and expertise. From customs clearance to regulatory paperwork, our seasoned professionals handle every aspect efficiently. Our adept team ensures compliance with all legal requirements, streamlining processes for smooth international shipments. We navigate complexities seamlessly, managing paperwork for imports, exports, and transportation permits, alleviating the burden for our clients.

Rate Negotiation

Schmidt Logistics LLC excels in rate negotiation services, leveraging industry expertise to secure favorable terms for our clients. Our skilled negotiators adeptly navigate pricing structures, striving to optimize costs without compromising quality or service. Through strategic partnerships and a deep understanding of market trends, we negotiate competitive rates across various transportation modes, ensuring cost-efficiency and value for our clients.

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